Our Process

How Do We Consistently Make Sure The Right Consultant Is In The Right Project?

Using our proven yet flexible Right SKILLS process, PropelSys is able to consistently deliver quality service in a timely and professional manner. Focused around 10 simple yet effective steps, RightSKILLSstreamlines the recruiting and placement processes by thoroughly identifying your needs up front, establishing solid lines of communication throughout your experience, and effectively pooling the expertise of our recruiting and account management teams. By utilizing PropelSys Right SKILLS process you’ll enjoy more targeted opportunities, appropriate submittals, shorter placement times, and most importantly exceptional customer service. Given Below Are The Key Ten Steps Of Our Right SKILLS Process which has helped us in consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients and consultants.

Below are the key ten steps of our Right SKILLS Process:

 Understand Client Requirements
 Search for Ideal Consultants
 Understand Consultant Expectations
 Initial Paperwork done
 Resume Review by Client
 Consultant Interview
 Perfect Fit Found
 Paperwork Completed
 Consultant Reports to Site
 Relationships Strengthened

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