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Case Studies - Financial Application


Financial Institution

Business Area

Financial Reporting Application

Business Function

The team was involved in the architecture and overall implementation of a multi-year project to design and build an infrastructure to report on an enterprise Financial exposure.

The main push for PropelSys consultants was to implement some of the resulting components of the architecture.

Technical Highlights

Participated in the selection and design of the enterprise information acquisition component that used several ETL tools to extract and load data from several LOB and 100’s of data bases into a Common Data Model for financial reporting.

The second task we were involved in was the actual construction of the enterprise data model and implementation in Oracle.

Finally task was that we were involved in the selection of a rules engine that allowed the core calculator to run thousands of rules on each exposure in the data model against pre-defined rules set in the Basel II Capital Requirement accord which when rolled up for the entire enterprise will provide an enterprise view of the required global capital requirement for the firm.

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