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The IT service industry worldwide worth $556 billion is now experiencing a major structural shift. Offshore outsourcing is the new mantra. This shift in the industry is as a result of major challenges faced by it. The happy news is that these changes have resulted in some incredible opportunities ever witnessed in history. 

Why Out sourcing?

Outsourcing is a strategic advantage, a long-term service alliance with an outside expert or a company in place of the function being performed inhouse, within the organization. There are many factors that have lead to outsourcing such as Escalating costs, insufficient IT resources, high attrition rates, dependency on critical individuals and increasing user dissatisfaction.  These factors have driven many MIS organizations to find this one-stop strategic solution to managerial issues that have been affecting the efficiencies involved with the maintenance and support of complex information systems. Outsourcing, while offering value in the form of improved corporate performance and sustained growth for companies, also tackles the main motive of cost reduction.

A Win - Win Model


Global Development model is built on integrity, nurtured through partnerships held together by responsiveness and implementing the right solutions. It allows you to focus on your core competencies that set you apart from your competition while we manage non-core, routine operations.

The PropelSys Advantage

What sets PropelSys apart in the world of outsourcing is the two-pronged advantage we offer our clientele.

a) PropelSys Methodology 
b) Our Global Development Model

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