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PPC ROI Analysis

PPC advertising is a quick, flexible and effective way to get targeted traffic to your site. It is an important online marketing tool that offers a measurable return on your precious investment. It is a perfect method to provide an initial impetus for new product launches and websites that have not been able to get high search engine rankings. 

But, unless you track and analyze the results of your PPC campaign, you will never find out how your campaign is performing. Whether it is lagging behind or is actually performing to its potential. Or is there any scope of further fine-tuning to get you a better return on investment.

Measuring ROI is extremely crucial for any PPC campaign. PropelSys is well aware of the fact and has devised an apt PPC ROI analysis strategy that takes care of the client’s PPC ROI analysis needs. Here is an overview or our PPC investment tracking methodology:


We track what percentage of people who visit your site from a pay per click search engine make a purchase, your average keyword cost, and your average profit per sale.

We determine your Maximum Bid for the campaign. You can do this by deciding what profit margins you are willing to accept per sale. The max bid can be appropriately lowered by our Bid Management experts by making a comparative analysis with other bids.

We track conversions and ROI with the help of latest tools and techniques providing you a detailed report. The report includes the keywords that are working and those that are not as effective. This report helps you in selecting the appropriate keywords and eliminating the ones that are not working. 


Contact us today and let get the ball rolling on your PPC ROI analysis, today!



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