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From comprehensive sales force automation to improved pipeline management, PropelSys delivers sales management applications that help make the most of every lead, drive and close sales deals and maximize sales reps' productivity.

Designed to address the needs of teams frustrated with complex and confusing CRM solutions or struggling with the limitations of spreadsheet-based approaches, PropelSys sales management applications can help your sales team be more effective and focus their time on selling.

Let ProCRM Help You Grow Your Business

Improve pipeline management. 
Increased visibility helps you quickly identify important opportunities at risk at every stage in the sales cycle, as well as track progress against sales goals. 

Improve accountability. 
With ProCRM, team members know exactly what they are responsible for. You can automatically notify them when tasks are assigned to them or when deadlines are approaching. 

Empower your sales team. 
ProCRM lets reps easily access the information that's critical to them: their pipeline, their leads that require follow-up, collateral for the product lines they focus on, and much more. 

End the sales spreadsheet chaos. 
Merging monthly opportunity updates from dozens of sales reps is no way to run a business. With ProCRM, reps track their leads and update status from a central location.

Manage your team your way. 
Unlike rigid sales force automation systems, you can quickly customize ProCRM to align with your sales process and your terminology. 

Features for the Way Sales Teams Work

Opportunity and activity tracking keeps control of your deals at every stage of the sales cycle 

Lead and contact management ensures every opportunity receives the proper follow-up 

Interactive reports put the current information you need for forecasting right at your fingertips 

Automatic e-mail notifications let your team know when a hot lead comes in or immediate action is needed 

Reminders ensure reps are making follow-up calls on schedule 

Personalized dashboards drive effective time management by showing sales managers and reps the information they need to see, when they need to see it .


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