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Traffic Analysis

Are you wondering why your website is not performing well?
Why there are no conversions?
Which keywords will be more suitable for your SEO campaign?

Traffic analysis allows you to do just that and much more. It is actually the process of intercepting messages and getting information from the traffic coming to the site.

Advantages of traffic analysis


It helps in understanding & scrutinizing the visitor behaviour on the website.

It aids in improving the effectiveness of your site to convert more visitors into leads.

It helps you in targeting high performing keywords & improving the conversion rates on your high volume keywords.

It helps in identifying pages with higher bounce rates so that you can prevent the fall in your search engine ranking. 

It helps to raise the visibility of under performing keywords.



PropelSys offers in-depth and high level tracking, analysis of site visitors and traffic behaviour. A visitor tracking tool is used to view visitor activity on the site which offers crucial metrics to measure the effectiveness of SEO optimization carried out on the site. 

You can use PropelSys traffic analysis services to understand the audience behaviour properly. You can thus carry out your SEO campaign more smartly based on solid facts not on hypothetical assumptions. Intelligent use of Traffic analysis information tells you which specific keywords the user is searching when looking for a particular product. The services thus help you to increase your overall efficiency and helps in streamlining your SEO efforts to deliver concrete results.

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